The Greatest Gifts Can Ever Get At The Refining Stage? Essay

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This is the greatest gifts one can ever get in their lifetime is to be educated. What exactly does being educated mean? This means having gone through some level of learning, gaining knowledge or reduction of illiteracy. It is stated not once that knowledge is power. Gives you the power to know how to read and write hence better communication skills other than just speaking out. Enables you to be logical and have clear judgment when in crisis.
There are two kinds of education; formal and informal. Focus this time is on formal education. This entails kindergarten, middle school/primary school, high school and lastly higher levels of learning, the university. In the past, only boys would go to school. In the 21st century, however, everyone has access to school with primary and high schools around the world being free. However as it has become a matter of concern that University education should also be free. Why would one study for free only to be stopped just at the refining stage? This essay will discuss various reasons why University education should be free (, 1966).
Education is a right, not a privilege
It is the wish of every parent that their children get the best education and the pride of a country to have educated citizens. However, just like any lifestyle demands, education which should be a basic need, is becoming unbearably expensive. Education is a human right, not a privilege and should be served equally “Higher education shall be made equally…

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