The Greatest Discovery Of My Generation Essay

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The psychologist William James once said, "the greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind." James, a prominent figure in the functionalism branch of psychology, believed that psychology could alter a person’s view of life. Phillip Zimbardo argues in his essay “Does Psychology Make a Significant Difference in Our Lives” that psychology does in fact make a significant difference in our lives. He writes about how psychology has an effect on our lives by virtue of how it has made substantial and creative efforts towards the fight against various diseases and ailments, changed the way we view politics through political polling, helped put an end to segregation, gave rise to modern parenting styles and created paths for major behavior changes. The knowledge was not available before psychology researched it, because otherwise, the discoveries and breakthroughs would have happened much sooner. The psychologist Paul Kline, after his many years in the field, believed that psychology had many problems and was "corrosive" and "destroying any insight into human behavior"(1). Although Paul Kline is critical about the significance of psychology, Philip Zimbardo’s numerous arguments in favor of psychology, each of which are backed up by a reliable study, make the essay; and his argument, more convincing.
Zimbardo argues in his essay that psychology has had a significant difference in our lives by how it has made…

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