The Greatest Cries For American Racial Equality Essay

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One of the greatest cries for American racial equality has been during the 1960 's Civil Rights Movement. This was the first grand display and radical time in history where African Americans would gather together and stand up for their constitutional rights as American citizens. The movement would later drift away from nonviolent and peaceful protests, towards a new movement called "Black Power," that would change and challenge the cultural and racial war in America. Some of the leading figures during these two movements such as, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Stokely Carmichael, and Malcolm X voiced their attitudes concerned with issues the voiceless were facing. These two movements were the crucial causes for changes in cultural, political, economical, and social reforms in America for African Americans. In order to comprehend the significance of this revolutionary movement, we must understand the context for which the civil rights movement took place. The issue of race in America was not a problem that spurred during the 1960’s; rather it had firm existence in the early American colonies owing to human trafficking of African American slaves during the Atlantic Slave Trade. Historians such as Eric Williams have argued the institution of slavery was not created because of racism, rather it was slavery that later caused racism. Furthermore, America held very negative and strong racial views towards African Americans. When President Abraham Lincoln passed the Emancipation…

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