Essay about The Greatest Basketball Player : Benjamin Wilson

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Benjamin Wilson, commonly known as Benji, was the greatest basketball player to ever rise out of Chicago and the greatest player to never make it to the professional league or even college ball. Playing for Simeon, he was named the top player in the country as a junior in the ‘83-’84 season. He carried the team to the state finals his junior year and won, claiming Simeon’s first Illinois championship. But in an exchange of misfortunate events, Benji’s career ended before his senior season began…. along with his life. March 18 1967, Benjamin Wilson jr. was born. Ben, also known as Benji, went to Saint Dorthy middle school where he played basketball and started but transferred to Ruggles Middle School. In the fall of 1981 he began his freshman year at Simeon after leaving Saint Dorthy middle school (“Ben “Benji” Wilson”). His whole life he practiced as a point guard so Ben Wilson had the skill to handle the ball (Benji Revisits the Story of Chicago Basketball Star Ben Wilson). He played varsity as a freshman at Simeon playing the point guard position even at the height of 6’1 (Benji Revisits the Story of Chicago Basketball Star Ben Wilson) (“Ben “Benji” Wilson”). By the time his sophomore year came around, he was the only sophomore playing varsity (Ben Wilson’s Death Resonates 25 Years Later). Benjamin Wilson was truly a great basketball player. Clearly Benji was talented, for Simeon is no easy school to play basketball for let alone start as an underclassman. But his…

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