The Great War Of World War II Essay

1281 Words May 10th, 2016 null Page
As soon as World War II started it was easy to see that there was some differences as well as similarities, but much more dangerous. The Great War was when the technological advances in weapons was just starting as well as it did not involve as many people as World War II would involve. This is mostly due to how the Axis powers were pushing for much more land as well as the communistic countries wanted everyone to fall to communism. Like previously stated the Great War was just the beginning for technological advanced weapons as well as fighting styles. Not only did the way of fighting change as well, women were a key player as well. Women took jobs that they would normally ever thought of doing and working factory jobs in the United States. The United States used propaganda to help gather women that were willing to build ships and planes that would be used during the war. With the help of women we were able to send more men to war as well as women were able to show that they were equally able to perform task. During World War II everyone kicked it up a couple notches and advances were everywhere. A major difference is that World War II didn’t heavily rely on word of mouth and foot travel. The use of mobile communication stations were put in place allowing groups of solders to communicate to others as well as their command posts. Also in World War II vehicles were used everywhere, and the use of the plane increased dramatically. Due to the use of mobile communications and…

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