The Great Wall Of China Essay

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The Great Wall of China The Great Wall of China is “the most awesome structure ever devised by man, one that “lies across the northern borders of China like some great sleeping dragon, stretching and sunning itself on the peaks and ridges of some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in the world…The Great Wall of China was more than 2,000 years in the building, and the only way man can look upon the sum total of handiwork is by viewing it from outer space (Waldron, pg 2).” The Great Wall of China is more than just a wall. It is a story. It is a story that spans across centuries and dynasties of late China. Many people believe that The Great Wall of China is just a single wall that wraps around China, but in fact, it is a series of multiple walls, all built in different times …show more content…
Although The Great Wall of China mainly began during the reign of Chi’in Shih Huang Ti, the majority of the construction of The Great Wall of China took place during the Ming Dynasty. In fact, every Emperor during the Ming Dynasty from the very first to the very last, played some part in repairing and reconstructing the great rampart. The parts of The Great Wall of China that we see today still stand mainly from the dates of the Ming Dynasty. Almost all of the existing city and frontier walls of China, as well as the great majority of temples and palaces still standing in China today were built by the Mings (Lum 133).” One of the Emperors, Yung Lo, put his whole attention into the Great Wall. He thought that it should be used to its full potential. “Determined that the frontier should be made impregnable, he repaired and rebuilt the entire length of the Wall. He stationed tenmen to guard every single point along the Wall at which herdsmen or merchants travelling on foot might enter China, and garrisons of a hundred men at every pass wide enough for horsemen or wheeled traffic to cross the border (Lum

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