The Great Qualities Of Having A Diverse Family Essay

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In the last sixty years, American society went through a lot of changes. For example, families became more diverse, same-sex couples are more common, and intercourse before marriage resulting in an increase in single mothers, meaning kids were started to be born out of wedlock. Which caused womens to be more independent. These changes started to happen more and more after the World War II, when womens started to notice their independent capabilities, and wanted to stand up for their rights to work.. Families are more diverse within ethnicity , religion and race. Today, there is no longer the ordinary “ middle-class white family” there are more people falling in love with different ethnicities, races, and religious beliefs. . In today 's world people are more concerned with the significant individual they desire, but prior generations generally judged the person based on the color of their skin. .
There are many great qualities about having a diverse family. American families are getting a chances to experience something outside their culture that their use to already. When couples started to have the opportunity to create relationship with others cultures to rebuild a history of hostility that was created for over 100 years ago. It is a great change for the American Society, because American couples start changing their culture and what they eat. Believing people who date outside their race are losing their culture and identity is a negative opinion popular in the…

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