The Great Pyramid Of Giza Essay

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There is a six century gap between my oldest words, ‘monument’, to my youngest word ‘synchronization’. When this time span is put into perspective this gap does not come as a shock. Monuments have been built since the beginning of time. Their purpose is to commemorate and immortalize important people and significant events that have happened in history. For instance the Great Pyramid of Giza was built to serve as a final resting pace of a pharaoh. The Parthenon in Athens, Greece was once a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena. To be more modern, the Washington Monument was built in our nation’s capital to honor our first president George Washington. The word ‘monument’ was introduced in the 13th century while ‘synchronization’ was introduced into the English language in 1828. The first known usage of a version of ‘synchronization’ was in 1588 with the word ‘synchronism. Then circa 1624 the verb ‘synchronize’ started to be used. ‘Synchronize’ has had many evolutions over the years because of the additions of prefixes and suffixes. For example, ‘geosynchronous’ (adj., 1968) defined as being or having an orbit around the earth with a period of equal to one sidereal day. ‘Synchronize’ has also been shorten to simply ‘synchro’ (n., 1968) referring to ‘synchronized swimming’. These two and the rest of the 18 words were all derived from either the Latin or Greek language.
The etymological origin is an important factor to discuss while analyzing words because it tells us where…

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