Thomas Jefferson: An Influential Person

Thomas Jefferson is not just a political figure. Jefferson is also a very aspired author and inventor. Jefferson is a very influential person and has inspired many to be like him. With such works as the declaration of independence, also becoming the third president of the united states. Along side these amazing accomplishments Jefferson was a very successful inventor with such inventions as: the iron plow, the Great Clock, and the hideaway bed. Jefferson was a man of many talents that have been clearly displayed throughout his life. Jefferson was a great example of a very successful human being. He started life as a student studying many foreign languages by age 9, by age 16 he was studying mathematics, metaphysics, and philosophy. Jefferson …show more content…
His first action in office was to address a eighty three million dollar dept. during his two terms Jefferson lowered this dept. from eighty three million to fifty seven million. Jefferson felt a strong need for a military college so in 1802 Jefferson founded West Point (the first military college). Previous to becoming president Jefferson was a big man of agriculture and inventing which he was well known for prior to his presidency. …show more content…
The great clock was made for Monticello and was the first clock to have the “ticking” noise associated with it. The ticking noise was created by the use of 2 weights which moved gong giving it the ticking sound. The clock could also tell the day of the week and was round back every Sunday. 5
Jefferson was not just a clock maker or a farmer he also helped in the world of communication by creating his own set of codes used to encrypt messages. This invention was called the “wheel cypher” and it was a was to encrypt messages long before electronic encryption. Jefferson created the Wheel Cypher while serving as George Washington’s Secretary of State. All of Jefferson’s inventions were linked to making life easy for the average citizen and government official. 6
Thomas Jefferson Jefferson is not just a political figure, he is an inventor, farmer, and of course a very huge and influential political figure. He wrote the declaration of independence which we still cherish to this day. Jefferson was a very successful Secretary of State, and the 3rd President of the United States. Jefferson was also a very successful inventor of encryption code forms, iron plows, and Great clocks. Jefferson was a very successful man in his life and I don’t know where we would all be without

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