The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Can money really buy happiness? Can it buy love? Money can buy you happiness, as long as you doing something good with it like give to charity, to the homeless, or use it as an experience rather than buying a product, but if it doesn’t then you end up doing something bad with like Gatsby. Throughout the novel The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald embodies the effects and demise of Jay Gatsby due to his obsession with being wealthy in order to regain the love of Daisy Buchanan.

In the Great Gatsby, Gatsby tries to fake this rich wealthy lifestyle just to get with the love of his life. For example, growing up in rural South Dakota in a poor family, James Gatz strived to improve his lifestyle. For in order for James to start a new life as a wealthier man he changed his birth name to Jay Gatsby. After him becoming a self made millionaire in his thirties, he live a luxurious lifestyle. Adorned with imported shirts from England, Rolls Royce lined up in the driveway, and a twelve-bedroom mansion in West Egg, New York. “[Gatsby’s] parties establish that he is very rich and cause him to be known by people from every level of society. However few have actually met him and fewer have any reliable knowledge about the source of his vast wealth” (Pauly 114). No one was really sure of what Gatsby did they guessed that he was a bootlegger, he killed a man, and that he once may had been a German spy. When a lot of people attend Gatsby’s parties many of the people wouldn’t nor couldn’t…

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