Essay on The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Our future is decided on our past and present actions. In the 1920s or the roaring twenties, America experienced a sudden change after WW1. The roaring twenties were the era where Americans celebrated their victory in WW1. In the novel the great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the universal truth is our experiences impact us this is shown through the social, cultural, political and economic elements from the roaring twenties. Our past experiences may have a positive, or negative impact on us, they also impact our culture and day-to-day habits.
Our past experiences have a positive impact on us; this is shown in the Great Gatsby when Gatsby is showing off his huge house to Daisy. When Nick invites Daisy over to his house for lunch, Gatsby comes over too, later on, Gatsby invites daisy over to his house to show his place to her. “‘I want you and daisy to come over to my house’ he said ‘I’d like to show her around’… ‘My house looks well doesn’t it?’ he demanded ‘see how the whole front of it catches the light’…’it took me three years to earn the money that bought it’… ‘That huge place there?’ she cried pointing. ‘Do you like it?’ ‘I love it…’” (Fitzgerald, 89-90). Here Jay Gatsby’s past experiences in the drug business and oil business have helped him buy his huge house, and that has helped him to impress Daisy and get her interested in him again. A key feature of the roaring twenties was their economic boom, people had a lot of money and the most important thing they bought was…

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