The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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The Great Gatsby Research Paper Women are most commonly referred to as “wives”, “maids”, and “objects”. What about career women? What about women with morals? How about women with an ambition for success? Women in the 1920’s began to exert an exotic behavior of becoming their own and arguing and asking questions back to the authority figures since the beginning. During the 1920’s women started to divorce and work to supporting themselves or contribute to their family. This was extremely rare, or unheard of for women to present themselves in this demographic. Few women started the introduction of partying, dancing, and smoking which was known as a flapper. Women changed throughout the Roaring 20’s and it was distinctly portrayed within Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Women were displayed as changing through independence, new roles, and how they acted using power. Many characters within The Great Gatsby displayed a strong force of independence. However, most of these characters were surprisingly women. Jordan showed independence just by simply being single, with the desire to be treated like a queen. She had the ability to take care of herself and was simply content with that. “In 1920 women composed 23.6 percent of the labor force, and 8.3 million women older than the age of fifteen worked outside the home” (“Women go to Work”). Jordan falls into this demographic because she was part of the working force pursuing a job within athletics as a female golfer.…

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