The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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The Rise of the Automobile in 1920s in The Great Gatsby
Perhaps no invention affected American everyday life in the 20th century more than the automobile. The invention and improvement of the automobile not only changed the America society, but also the whole world.The rapidly growing automobile industry led by Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company produced new and better models every year to supply the insatiable public demand. Increased wages and lower cost vehicles made possible through mass production meant that cars became increasingly affordable, although 3 out of 4 cars were bought on installment plans.

In the book, The Great Gatsby, the author F. Scott Fitzgerald mentioned the automobile repeatedly. This marked that the automobile had already been a significant part of the society.

The automobile industry during the 1920sThe growth of the automobile industry caused an economic revolution across the United States. Dozens of spin-off industries blossomed. Of course the demand for vulcanized rubber skyrocketed. Road construction created thousands of new jobs, as state and local governments began funding highway design.

Even the federal government became involved with the federal hightway at of 1921. gas station began to dot the land, and mechanics began to earn a living fixing the inevitable problems. Oil and steel were two well-established industries that received a serious boost by the demand for automobiles. Travelers on the road needed…

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