The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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F. Scott Fitzgerald does a magnificent job throughout the novel with portraying the countless symbols in The Great Gatsby. The literary lens, Deconstructionism, will be used to depict the green light, the Valley of Ashes, and Gatsby 's Mansion. Do these symbols actually represent what the audience reads into? Symbols have multiple meanings to different readers. Therefore, these symbols need to be broken down one by one by deconstructionism to portray the understanding between what society thinks and how the readers interpret the context. The green light is introduced when Gatsby is reaching out past the water to Daisy 's Dock that shimmers out a green light towards the West Egg. "he stretched out his arms...darkness"(Fitzgerald 20-21). To a reader, this is identified as Gatsby 's goal. His goal is to get the opportunity of having Daisy back in his life to fulfill his successful fairytale ending. When Gatsby reaches out to the green light, it is describing how much one person can mean to someone and reaching out to get to the finish line which for him was Daisy. In order to depict this, the society side needs to be looked at. Society would take this as a green light for go. Gatsby does not see that. At the end of the quote , he vanishes into the darkness because he is afraid to face Daisy again. That does not define the definition of a green light. Gatsby 's uses the opposite in this situation which is the yellow light meaning for taking it slow or come to a stop. Daisy,…

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