The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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The Great Gatsby was one of many creative stories F. Scott Fitzgerald successfully wrote during his era. The 1920’s brought new things to Fitzgerald and his newly wedded wife, but once all the fame and glamour ended so did they. Fitzgerald’s life eventually came crashing down in depression and misery following the 1920’s, and he would never be the same. Fitzgerald became very vulnerable to this era and could not control himself, which came back to haunt him. Fitzgerald wrote the book in first person limited, and used Nick as his narrator to explain the dramatic story which revolved around the life of Jay Gatsby. Nick told of the roaring 1920’s, and how the wealthy people of New York lived and prospered, just like
Fitzgerald. Drinking, partying, and money were the main focus of peoples’ lives during this eventful time. Nick Carraway became involved with the life Jay Gatsby, a man he did not understand, which led to a complete tragedy in the end.
A young Chicago native still trying to find his calling in the new world, Nick Carraway found himself moving to New York in the suburb of West
Egg. Nick was the first character introduced in the story. Fitzgerald used
Nick’s thoughts in the story, which then manifests that he is the narrator.
Nick not only is used by the author, but also by the majority of the main characters in the story. Nick is drawn in our minds by the author as a very shy but respectful man. He is also a very honest man and keeps to his word no matter the…

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