The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay example

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The sales effort and conspicuous consumption defined the “American Dream” in the 1920s. The sales effort and conspicuous consumption cannot survive about one another. The Great Gatsby shows how the sales effort and conspicuous consumption represent the American Dream.
Sales effort is a firm’s “marketing as a whole” (Holleman, "The Sales Effort and Monopoly Capital"). Conspicuous consumption is consuming for prestige. Conspicuous consumption allows the consumer to feel privilege and a higher social status by purchasing expensive goods. It is tied to wealth and induces competitive tendencies between people.
The Great Gatsby (2013) starts out by Nick Carraway moving to New York City hungry for the American Dream. He then discovers that he lives next to the well-known Gatsby. Then he is stuck in the middle of many different love affairs between his cousin Daisy and Gatsby, as well as Tom (Daisy’s husband) and Myrtle.
The sales effort drives conspicuous consumption. This is because advertisements represent the product a company produces. (McCormack, Geoffery. "Class Notes." 4 November 2015. Lecture.). Most companies use a celebrity endorser because it makes it very easy to sell their product. For example, Katy Perry endorses Proactive. Since Katy Perry is flawless and women want to look like her, it is effortless to have the product sold.
The Great Gatsby greatly exemplifies conspicuous consumption. The main character Jay Gatsby, used conspicuous consumption as his prime…

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