The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Ninety-six years ago, America had entered into a new and dangerous part of its history. Times were beginning to change and new lifestyles were available to anyone who sought after them. New found love, freedom, and most importantly money were all striving during the 1920s. This seemingly ravishing time period is summed up in the book, The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald takes what the 1920’s appeared to provide others, and tells a story which not only teaches a powerful lesson, but sheds light on how corrupt this time period really was. The Great Gatsby serves as an accurate representation of the 1920s through the author’s life as well as through fashion, prohibition, and most importantly, wealth in the 1920s.
Fitzgerald truly understood the 1920s based on the fact that he lived and wrote The Great Gatsby during this time. According to "F.Scott Fitzgerald Centenary,” Fitzgerald pursued writing throughout his early years and went to college before dropping out and entering the army in 1917. A year later he fell in love and became engaged with an eighteen year old woman named Zelda Sayre; however, she broke off the engagement because she was unwilling to wait for him and was extremely unsatisfied with his low salary. He soon gave up writing novels and began to pursue popular writing that could gain him wealth. He eventually published “This Side of Paradise”, and became famous overnight. He married Zelda Sayre a week later. After getting married, they soon moved to New York and…

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