Essay on The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The “Roaring Twenties” was a time of extravagance for the United States Of America, the stock market was rising. The market rose to a new point where it reached an all time high as some like to say. The rise of the stock market had factories and businesses booming. In the twenties several new things were being produced. New costly things being introduced consisted of washing machines, cars and toasters. This made the world very modern, it was the first time it had ever been like that. Not only were new things being produced, but everybody could afford them. The Roaring Twenties’ was a post war period time. It occurred shortly after World War One occurred. Recently, we have read “The Great Gatsby” written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in English. The Great Gatsby is an interesting novel. Students all across the United States and other countries read it. It is an award winning novel. A unique fact about the novel is that it was written in 1925, but it relates very well to the twenties and thirties. As John Green has said in his YouTube video, “It’s almost like Fitzgerald knew about the twenties and the Great Depression”- John Green. Gatsby’s rise and downfall in the novel is really similar to the rise of the Roaring Twenties’ and the downfall of the stock market in the late twenties. Gatsby lives a tough, troubled life. He has to face several obstacles. In the beginning of the novel, Gatsby is just your typical average man. Which is what the stock market was before the rise. Gatsby…

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