The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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In the 1920s, citizens of the United States of America commonly strived for the “American Dream”. This was the belief that by living in this country, you could somehow become well-known and rich, yielding a better life and a noble status. This dream was not an easy one to accomplish, so the methods in which some attained it were in many cases unsure and morally wrong. Nevertheless, no matter how you rose to success, being an elite member of society was thought to promise happiness and a fulfilling life. All of these ideals are clearly portrayed in the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. However, what the characters of the novel began to realize is that though the “American Dream” can be accomplished through such means as smuggling alcohol into the United States during Prohibition, marrying into a wealthy family, and befriending elite members of society, it often left them dissatisfied. Jay Gatsby came from a poor family in the Midwest. After enlisting in the army, he met a girl named Daisy, and they fell in love. Whenever Jay went off to the war, he told Daisy that he was penniless. After Daisy found this out, she realized she couldn’t marry him, because of the common belief that marrying for money was the only way that a marriage could be successful and joyful. Daisy then quickly married Tom Buchanon, a man who came from a wealthy family. Gatsby was so desperate for Daisy that he wanted to be rich in any way he could, and thus resorted to bootlegging. Gatsby…

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