The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay example

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In the story of The Great Gatsby, there are four characters. The main character is Gatsby. He is rich, lives in West Egg New York, and throws parties that last all weekend long. Gatsby had a girlfriend that he loved before he left for war. His girlfriend promised him she would wait for him. Her name is Daisy Buchanan, but Daisy got married to Tom Buchanan before Gatsby came back from war. Daisy broke her promise and then married Tom, because she could not get married to a poor man. After the war Gatsby comes back as a rich man and then wants Daisy back in his life. Jordan Baker, Daisy 's best friend, plays professional golf. The most important character in The Great Gatsby is Nick Carraway. Nick is the only character that knows everything that 's really going on. Nick joined World War I as a young man, then started working in bond business after he got out and came to New York. Gatsby throws all the parties to get Daisy’s attention, but it doesn’t work. One night Gatsby invites his neighbor Nick to one of of his parties. . Gatsby asked Nick to invite Daisy to his house for tea without her husband. Gatsby offered to pay him back with another favor, but Nick said that it was not necessary The next day, Gatsby went to Nick’s house with dozens of flowers to surprise Daisy, and after being five minutes late, Daisy finally arrived. Nick told Gatsby to wait inside while he got her from the carr. The moment Daisy saw Gatsby, she was shocked and crying from…

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