The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Imagine a beautiful suburban street, manicured emerald green lawns expand in both directions, separated only by the occasional well-kept hedge and patch of concrete upon which is parked a mid-sized luxury sedan. This picturesque scene is a dream for many middle class families, a dream that would be shattered by a home with dead grass, browning shrubs and rusting minivan, not to mention a horde of rowdy boys screaming and creating havoc all hours of the day and night. The television series, Malcolm in the Middle centers on such a home and dwelling within a modern working class family, the Wilkerson’s. Parents Lois and Hal struggle to scrape by emotionally and financially while attempting to keep their four disobedient sons under control. Guided by the middle child Malcolm viewers’ are entertained by the antics of these mischievous brothers and the extreme reactions of their parents and the society they live in. This working class family is portrayed in a way that separates them from the rest of society and reflects poorly on the working class, this is revealed in the attitudes expressed by the family and those outside of it.
Beginning with the opening scene, it is clear the Wilkerson are viewed as the lowest common denominator. Their house is the worst looking on the block, they house is in a state of relative disrepair, the grass and shrubs are dead or dying, toys litter the yard and both the inside and outside of the house could clearly use a coat of paint. Both of their…

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