The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

1814 Words Dec 15th, 2015 null Page
F. Scott Fitzgerald’s pieces of literature are nothing short of intoxicating. Similar to his inspiration John Keats, Fitzgerald wrote with vigor. They way in which both Fitzgerald and Keats brought characters to life was incredible. One thing both Keats and Fitzgerald have a knack for doing is implementing beauty and deceit into the layers of material they give their readers. Further, they are able to take the dishonesty of characters and create something more beautiful than imagined. For Keats in The Eve of St. Agnes, he dramatizes the romantic relationship between Madeline, a beautiful virgin, and Porphyro, her suitor into something that is initially not seen on the surface of their relationship. In addition, the mimic of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet also exemplifies a more irresistible quality to the reader. What is interesting about each of the character is the way in which each of them is described: she as the young, virginal maiden, and he as the secret lover who watches her from within the closet. Each of their comparison to Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is what is interesting. In one instance, Gatsby can be compared to Madeline. The ritualistic behavior of the two characters in seen as a parallel. On the other hand, Porphyro can be compared to Gatsby. Two men, whose pasts are unclear and in turn, are shown to be deceitful. Gatsby’s parallel to Madeline is one of interesting perspective given that more often than not, critics compare Gatsby to Porphyro…

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