The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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The past experiences someone faces can impact future decisions. A person’s background can also contribute to the outcome of certain things. Many authors take aspects of their lives and add them to their stories. For example, some authors give their characters traits similar to themselves. Frances Scott Fitzgerald uses his personal experiences in The Great Gatsby to make his novel seem realistic during the roaring twenties. Frances Scott Fitzgerald uses autobiographical elements in The Great Gatsby by using his life before the creation of the book, his social lifestyle, and his love experiences to influence the novel.
F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life prior to the creation of The Great Gatsby parallels with many things in the novel. Fitzgerald uses his educational background to influence the education of his main character, Nick Carraway. Fitzgerald and Nick pursued writing careers in Ivy League schools. Nick states that he was “rather literary in college” (Fitzgerald 4). Nick began his writing career in college by writing a series of editorials for Yale. One source states that “It was during his years at Princeton that Fitzgerald first applied himself to the pursuit of a literary life” (Sickels para 3). F. Scott Fitzgerald also began to pursue his writing career in college. During his time at Princeton, Fitzgerald contributed to his school’s literary magazine. Another similarity between Fitzgerald and his characters would be that Nick, Fitzgerald, and Gatsby participated in the…

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