The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Money, everyone wants it and not everyone can have it. Wealth is the epitome of success in America and the American Dream has developed through that thought process. America is known as the land of opportunity or in other words “the place to get rich”. The idea that through hard work anyone can become successful has been spread throughout the United States for decades and decades. Jay Gatsby is the epitome of achieving the American Dream. Money is the greatest influence in Gatsby’s life and gives him both hope and despair . In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the achievement of the American Dream gives Gatsby a second chance at love and also desensitizes him to the world around him.
Gatsby’s undying love for Daisy is the focus behind every aspect of his life and his wealth. He focuses every ounce of his money towards getting her back. When they last saw eachother five years before, Gatsby did not think he was worthy of her love. He was not wealthy at the time and had little except for his experiences in the army to make of himself. Once Gatsby had earned a large sum of money and built an impressive life for himself he knew he could finally try to win her love. When Daisy moved back from Chicago, he did whatever he could to get close to her. Gatsby 's motivation with his money is hard to follow until the Narrator, Nick Carroway learns of his true motivations. In a conversation with Jordan Nick learns the truth. They discuss, "It was a strange…

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