The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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The American Dream is a devil in disguise. While many see the American Dream as an opportunity to a better, more fulfilling life, it misleadingly entices those who pursue it. Individuals who try to follow his/her own American Dream usually face disappointment after being misled by the false facade it presents. The United States is understand to be a place that offers space and freedom to succeed for those desperate to escape their miserably disappointing reality. However, our perceived conception of the promise of success usually fails to transpire. Fitzgerald critiques our warped perception of the American Dream in the Great Gatsby through the shallow, empty relationship between Gatsby and Daisy. Other works such as Sister Carrie, Columbus’ letter to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, and Chief Joseph’s narrative offer insight into failed American Dreams. The promise that America will provide opportunities for everyone is an embellished belief that is not true for most situations. The lure of the American Dream promises more than it delivers, leaving many disappointed and unsatisfied with their existence. In the Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald comments on American society and questions the common, positive outlook on the American Dream through the character of Jay Gatsby, also known as James Gatz. James Gatz, a poor farmer boy born in North Dakota, saved Dan Cody, an elite wealthy man, from a storm in the ocean. Cody then taught Gatz the correct etiquette of the wealthy. Once…

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