Jordan Gatsby Character Analysis

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1. I believe the author uses the words hope and dream to draw emphasis on the American Dream.
2. Nick is the narrator and tells the story as he is standing on the outside, looking at the other character’s lives. Nick has many advantages that are brought to light in the first chapter. One being, Nick receiving good moral education from his father. Additionally, Nick possessing the ability to distance himself from others to stay away from the foolishness that occurs.
3. During the first scene at Daisy’s house, the date is June 7, 1922. Daisy mentions that in two weeks it will be the longest day of the year, which is June 21st and two weeks prior happens to be June 7th.
4. Many facts become apparent about Nick in the first chapter. We learn
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The image that the author uses to describe Jordan Baker is a young cadet. The image reveals that Jordan walks and stands in proper posture, and acts like a proper lady.
6. Nick is immediately attracted to Jordan, he is speechless when he first sees her, and later on, can be quoted as saying that he enjoyed looking at her.
7. Tom 's behaviour reveals that he is not liked. His character becomes more disliked as the story progresses. Also, Tom is the antagonist of the novel.
Chapter Two:
1. The valley of ashes is the poor part of the city. The valley is grey and contains the working classes, which is the complete opposite of the East Egg.
2. George Wilson is a mechanic and wants nothing more than to be loved by his wife. Mr. Wilson is a henpecked husband. George gets chairs immediately when he is asked by his wife. Myrtle, on the other hand, is a lying and cheating women. She wants nothing more than Tom’s money and has had an affair with him.
3. I learned that Nick responds to situations differently than in chapter one. In chapter two, Nick is not only objective but is more laid back.
4. Myrtle repeated comments on Daisy. Tom asked her to stop but she does not comply and in frustration punches her and breaks her
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The rumours told about Gatsby are: he is a bootlegger, he killed a man, he is the nephew to Von Hindenburg, and the second cousin to the devil.
2. Fitzgerald listed all the names of the guest to give the reader the demographic of the guests. Also, the author wanted to show that anyone and everyone attended Gatsby’s party.
3. Gatsby tells Nick about his life because Gatsby wants Nick to trust him, and to learn the truth about him, so he does not get mislead by rumours. Nick found the story to be farfetched at first, but once Gatsby showed Nick a picture and a medal, Nick believed the story. However, I personally do not believe Gatsby’s story.
4. Meyer Wolfsheim is the individual that made Gatsby rich; he is Gatsby’s mob connection. In the novel, Meyer Wolfsheim has a small flat nose and his name suggests that he is of the Jewish dissent. The author adds a racial slur because Jewish people are supposed to be greedy and have big noses.
5. It reveals that she did not want to marry Tom. We learn that she sacrificed her love for Gatsby and married Tom for the money and social status.
6. Gatsby wanted to show Daisy his house and his possession to impress her. Jay is aware that Daisy married for money and wanted the high social status. Therefore, Gatsby is sure to woe her once she sees his

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