The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Living in one of the greatest times in America seems like it would be an experience of a lifetime. Culture bloomed, and many new generation fads unearthed. Colors and parties, abundant to the general populace, and there was always an opportunity for people to acquire “new money”. These new improvements, proved to be vital in the expansion of technology, and became a gateway for the now modern era. Furthermore, it built the foundation for the next world war, and the Great Depression, which came in the last year of the twenties. These events inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald to write The Great Gatsby, writing all about what the roaring twenties were, and how it all possibly lead to the downfall of a great man by the name of Jay Gatsby. Although the 1920’s was a time where innovation blossomed, the suppositions of the situation proved that the twenties were really the worst of times because of the boom in crimes, the excruciating prevalence of racism, and the abysmal poverty.
To start, the 1920’s is when a new brand of organized criminal activity protruded through society. Bootlegging was an infant to the criminal world, and was how a mass of people made a fortune in their early twenties. There was no easy cure, (FBI and the American Gangster). With Patterson 2 wallets bursting from bootlegging profits, gangs outfitted themselves with “Tommy” guns and operated with impunity by paying off politicians and police alike, (FBI and the American Gangster). Furthermore, gangs…

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