The Great Gap Between The Rich And The Poor Essay

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When I was 17, I went to South Africa with my family for vacation. I was shocked by masterpiece of nature – it was such an extraordinary experience to go on a safari to see the big, beautiful wild animals, to watch the sunset from the terrace, sitting in a vineyard sipping wine from a glass, and to stay in one of the most luxurious resorts around the country. What also surprised me more is the great gap between the rich and the poor. While the financial area of the city has modern buildings and luxury vehicles, the other side of the street lays the abandoned buildings where most glasses are broken and full of violent graffiti over the walls. The six-star resort we stayed in Cape Town, was right opposite to the biggest slum in city. Open sewage cuts through the sprawl of tin shacks, most people live in a place without a proper roof. They struggle at the most basic needs: food, clean water, sanitation, medical care, and school. I could feel the pain and scar of the continent, even at that age. Now five years have passed, when I think of South Africa, mostly I think of the colourful tin shakes that shelters the slum, but not that amazing safari we had.
The Economic growth of Africa has long been a major subject of discussions and studies worldwide. Some theories and studies attribute the poverty to geographical conditions of Africa. And to extent, they do fit into explanations. However, with the increasing aid and international assistance flood into the continent but…

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