The Great Depression : The Most Difficult Time Americans Essay examples

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The Great Depression is known as the most difficult time Americans have had to face individually and as a country. The two presidents that served in office through it, Hoover and Roosevelt, took different approaches in resolving the country’s problems and came out with different results. It was a time of disagreement among the American people and brought a lifetime of hardships to many. However, the government actions taken during this decade in American’s history has shaped much of how our country exists today.
Some of the causes of the Great Depression were the over expansion of industry, the stock market crash, and the global depression. The over expansion of industry caused many problems in America’s industrialized economy. There was a Bull Market in the U.S which meant that there was a rise in share prices and buying was heavily encouraged. This was the time period when Americans began buying on credit. This trend led to many issues, consumers were no longer buying new items because they were still working to pay off other items. The other major cause of the Great Depression was the Stock Market Crash. Nearly every American had began to invest in stocks and this crash deeply hurt Americans economically. There were low wages, and many prices dropped but consumers were unable to buy what was produced. The third cause was the Global Depression. Banks made unsound loans and Americans were unable to access their money due to the issues with the banks. All of this resulted in…

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