The Great Depression Of The 20th Century Essay

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Transformation in the 20th Century With the weaknesses in the Presidency evident throughout the 19th Century, the 20th Century provided an opportunity for changes to be implemented. When Theodore Roosevelt came into office, it was clear that the presidency was no longer seen as a weak office. On the contrary, Roosevelt attempted to change the moral fabric of the American people through his office (Mast 176). Woodrow Wilson was powerfully remembered for his role in World War I, which was a precarious time for any nation in the world. The Great Depression presented a host of challenges for the United States. However, while the country was at a notably low point, Franklin D. Roosevelt had comforting words for the people. Using radio as a platform to motivate the American citizenry, Roosevelt changed the American way of thinking. Through various talks held on radio talk shows, Roosevelt made it possible for the American people to wade through the effects of the Great Depression. On the other hand, Ronald Regan chose to use television to talk to the American people. In many cases, Reagan addressed the problems facing the American people through televised events. This platform had the power to reach millions of households making it possible for Reagan’s message to be heard across a large section of America. This is the reason why these addresses were so powerful in affecting how American perceived the presidency.
The 21st Century Each century comes with a new set of…

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