Essay about The Great Depression And The New Deal

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Throughout history,literature and life change is inevitable. Change is to make or become different. Change has shaped the world around us.Whether the changes are positive or negative, it’s a part of who we are. For that reason, we must acknowledge it.
In the history of the world, there has been many important events that have brought about positive and negative changes in the United States. Some of these events include the Industrialization era, Progressive era, WWI, the Great Depression and the New Deal. These events helped bring about many positive changes and some negative changes to not only America, but the whole world. The first big change in America was the Industrialization era. The Industrialization era brought about positive economic changes. These economic changes were caused by the improvements of technology. This caused an increase in production and jobs as businesses were able to make their products quicker and the need for workers increased. Some of the negative changes in this era were the lack of rights for such workers and consumers. Without government interference during the time most big businesses created monopolies in their respective industries. A monopoly is when a business has total control of an industry with very little to no competition. These factors helped contribute to the Progressive era.
Next, came the Progressive era. The Progressive era was era all about positive changes for the people of the United States. Progressivism is the term…

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