The Great Depression, An Economic Collapse Of Worldly Proportions

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The Great Depression, an economic collapse of worldly proportions. Citizens all around the world were struggling to just make by. America also fell, even though it 's great economic boom during WW1. The Depression left millions of Americans without jobs. Many middle-class individuals found themselves in poverty. Even the wealthy fell victim to this economic collapse. It was a terrible time for everyone. During this time, there were some who were doing better than others, job and economic wise. One of these people was Award-winning author and radio talk show personality Studs Terkel. (Conversations). He wrote many pieces and conducted many interviews, one of these interviews was later written down and titled Two Views of the Great Depression. The interviews showed how different people felt and reacted to this Depression. One, a black worker named Clifford Burke and a white woman named Jane Yonder. Both describe their accounts and lives during the Great Depression. Now, the Great Depression didn 't happen overnight, and it wasn 't due to the stock market crash either. There were many contributors, but they can be organized into two categories, overproduction and trust in American banking and stock. (Great Depression) Overproduction seems like a great thing, doesn 't it? More items are being produced meaning that more things can be bought. That can only be true if people are making money. Most people either worked on farms or in factories. Farmers had larger…

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