Jim Cow Restriction On Black Analysis

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To combat Jim Cow Restriction on Black lives between 1900-1960’s Blacks had established their own identity and to organized themselves. Throughout history they were treated unequally, it was time to take a stand against white southern land owners whom inflicted pain on African Americans.
With each laws put in place to disrupt the chance of progress, African Americans slowly started to lose their identities. Overtime, the basic rights African Americans were supposed to be entitling to became no existence. Such as the rights to vote to elect government officials to represent blacks. The right to vote is a way to silent the oppressors. Taking that away is like taken away African American freedom since they would have no say of any laws that threatens
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Also means having a quality education having school in the south was unheard of, White land owners didn’t want slaves to read or write the deemed it unconstitutional in the primary source document Brown vs Board of Education in 1954 the law to have separated schools was deemed unconstitutional after the ruling the school must now be integrated African Americans started schools at local churches. that paved the way of Blacks having quality education. Which started Hbcu’s the goal of HBCU was to educate young black kids the schools taught them understanding of what going on in the world. In the movie, The Great Debaters little Wiley College is one of the first historically black school sought to end segregation among schools. In the primary source document Ten Thousands Charlestonians Petition for black schools, 1919 it states that Fifty- six years after freedom, the Negros of the city of Charleston are denied the rights to teach Negros in the free schools of Charleston. That being said angered African Americans causing the negro petition General assembly to create a petition to have authorities to use the golden rule to overrule nd also turn in favor of the negro …show more content…
It is racial discrimination in government departments. Negros workers are being turned away from gates and some employers refuse to give them jobs. is a great dilemma all though there was no signs of hope African Americans never gave up it states that with confidence and faith of the negro people believing in themselves and the power of self-liberation, the walls that White Land owners build, Negros can break down the barriers of discrimination. The Negros have the power to kill the deadly serpent of hate of one race. President Roosevelt saw the problem and ordered an executive order abolishment of race discrimination in all government, navy, and defense jobs. The March on Washington will gain respect for the new negro people and also create a new sense of self -respect among Negros and untimely the national unity for

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