The Great Aztec Ruler And The First Leader Of Tenochtitlan Essays

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Moctezuma Moctezuma was the great Aztec Ruler, and grandson to the first leader of Tenochtitlan. He was born around 1397 and died in 1469. He did not gain chiefdom until 1440, at the age of 29. He is most known for his expansion of Aztec territory, Tenochtitlan, and his penchant for human sacrifices. He played a very important role for the Aztecs, and the only reason they got as far as they did was because of him. Moctezuma was the son of Huitzilhuitl and Miahuaxihuitl, princess of Cuernavaca. He had numerous amounts of siblings, due to the fact that his father had multiple wives. His father was the king of the Aztecs before his passing. After his death Moctezuma’s older brother, Chimalpopoca took charge as leader of the Aztecs. However, he was assassinated only ten years after his crowning. During Chimalpopoca’s time as ruler, Moctezuma and his brother Tlacaelel, had joined together to form a militia composed of young military noblemen. After Chimalpopoca’s passing, this militia group chose Itzcoatl to be the future ruler of the Aztecs. Moctezuma shared control of General of the Army with Itzcoatl’s nephew during his reign as king. Moctezuma finally gained control as leader of the Aztecs after Itzcoatl’s death. Something interesting about Moctezuma is he had the title of “Great Speaker”, while all other rulers before him only had the title “Speaker”. This was because he represented all tribes that gave him tribute. It has absolutely nothing due to the fact that he wanted…

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