Essay on The Grasshopper and the Bell Cricket

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The Jay by Yasunari Kawabata, Japanese, 1949
The Jay by Yasunari Kawabata, Japanese, 1949 Since daybreak, the jay had been singing noisily.
When they’d slid open the rain shutters, it had flown up before their eyes from a lower branch of the pine, but it seemed to have come back. During breakfast, there was the sound of whirring wings.
“That bird’s a nuisance.” The younger brother started to get to his feet.
“It’s all right. It’s all right.” The grandmother stopped him. “It’s looking for its child. Apparently the chick fell out of the nest yesterday. It was flying around until late in the evening. Doesn’t
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When she looked at the trees, she saw that a light rain was falling. It was the sort of rain that you could not tell was falling unless you saw it against the dense foliage.
The jay, shifting its perch to the chestnut tree, then flying low and skimming the ground, returned again to its branch, singing all the while.
The mother bird could not fly away. Was it because her chick was somewhere around there?
Worrying about it, Yoshiko went to her room. She had to get herself ready before the morning was over.
In the afternoon, her father and mother were coming with the mother of Yoshiko’s fiancé.
Sitting at her mirror, Yoshiko glanced at the white stars under her fingernails. It was said that, when stars came out under your nails, it was a sign that you would receive something, but Yoshiko remembered having read in the newspaper that it meant a deficiency of vitamin C or something. The job of putting on her makeup went fairly pleasantly. Her eyebrows and lips all became unbearably winsome. Her kimono, too, went on easily.
She’d thought of waiting for her mother to come and help with her clothes, but it was better to dress by herself, she decided.
Her father lived away from them. This was her second mother.
When her father had divorced her first mother, Yoshiko had been four and her younger brother two. The reasons given for the divorce were that her mother went around dressed in flashy clothes and spent money wildly, but

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