The Grapes Of Wrath By John Steinbeck Essay

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“There was no hurry, for there was nowhere to go, nothing to buy and no money to buy it with, nothing to see outside the boundaries of Maycomb County.”(pg 6) This quote describes Maycomb, the setting of the novel. Maycomb is a small confined town in the south where nothing appears to happen or change. The reason behind the monotonous cycle is the state of the people being of having no surplus income, nothing valuable to buy, and the idea that there is nothing worthwhile outside of town. From the information from the quote, I can infer that the people of Maycomb may be close-minded as the town is separated and never was introduced to different ideas and people. In a text-to-text connection, TKAMB occurred in the same time period during the Great Depression as the novel The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. Almost all Americans suffered during the Great Depression by being too poor to buy goods and there were no goods to buy. Although both the novels occurred during the Great Depression, the mindset of the Joad family who were migrant farmers who traveled all the way to California to get jobs was a contrast to those of people in Maycomb. The Joads had a created a goal to live in California in hope of finding a job in a hard economic time and in their journey constantly faced challenges but overcame it together with often the encouraging words of Ma Joad. This is different to the people of Maycomb who in some ways were held back in their little town. The Joads tried to…

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