Essay about The Grapes Of Wrath By John Steinbeck

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The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck is a historical milestone and a literary American masterpiece that continues to enlighten modern society. The book was set during the great depression which was right after and right before wars that shocked the world. During this time period economic and social systems were drastically dividing the world into camps of Communism, Capitalism, Totalitarianism and even Anarchy. These systems created fear for the alien economic and social plans because nationalism portrayed the opposite side as evil in any way shape or form. America being a very Capitalist and democratic society is one of the biggest advocates for their system, however the Grapes of wrath make John Steinbeck appear like an advocate for communism. However while John Steinbeck does believe that Americans need a degree of socialism to protect the general health and well being of people when life gets hard, he does not believe in making America a communist society, but rather he believes that a mixture of democracy, socialism, and capitalism is needed to make a liveable and better society.
In the grapes of wrath John Steinbeck shows this need for protective socialism in modern society by using the theme of community, support and the Idea of “I” becoming “we”. The theme of community and support is meant to question the mindset that people in capitalism need to live on their own. Many people like Ma realize that if everyone helps everyone they will all get to california, and…

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