Essay on The Grapes Of Wrath By John Steinbeck

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Power of Determination
In his novel, The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck illustrates the struggle between the working class and the upper class through the discrimination between the migrants and the landowners. Landowners maintain control through violence; they treat migrant workers without humanity. Migrant families, often referred as “Okies,” are starving, while food is wasted by the wealthy. In the novel, many migrants lose their homes, jobs and life savings, forcing them to move and leave behind their land in hopes of finding a more prosperous place to live. Steinbeck shows the determination of the human spirit through his characters’ resilience in tough circumstances: through Tom Joad’s courageous perseverance in helping his family, through Muley Grave’s stubborn loyalty to his land, and through Ma Joad’s strength to take up the position as head of the family.
In the novel, Steinbeck shows the unfair working situations that migrants face when they arrive in California. The Joad family plan to move to California, thinking about the high wages and the plentiful work, however they eventually realized that the talk about California being the land of milk and honey, was just false advertisement. Powerful and wealthy Californian landowners have crops that need picking, they have the ability to pay their workers an insignificant wage, for if you don’t want the job plenty others will fill in for you, thus allowing the owners to lower the wage to a starving minimum.The Joads…

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