The Government Policy Of Protection Essay

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The government policy of protection was introduced between the 1890’s and 1940’s. All states and territories had their own version of the policy except for Tasmania which didn’t have one at all. Due to violence and harassment causing a dramatic drop in the aboriginal population the government introduced these policy’s to “protect” them. They believed that the aboriginal race was a dying race and needed help to bring the numbers back up so to do this they put them under “protection” of the government. They were moved from their traditional lands and lost their culture, language, family and identity in order to be “protected”. But in doing so the government almost exterminated the whole aboriginal race. ‘In 1788 there were approximately 250,000 indigenous Australians but in 1921 the number dropped to only 60,000 aboriginals.’ Due to the protection policy the number majorly decreased. The indigenous people were forced to be somewhere they weren’t familiar with and act like someone they weren’t. for the fifty or so years this act was present the aboriginal race almost vanished. The indigenous people were segregated from their towns, and white Australians and were also banned from pools, pubs and parks. The aboriginals had to get permission to do the easiest of things, for example had to ask to buy food and go out, get permission to do anything and everything. The government controlled their freedom of movement as they thought the aborigines were not capable of making their own…

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