Essay on The Government Of Rock Chalk Topia

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To be able to run the government of Rock-Chalk-Topia I will be in need of many great political theories and principles. The majority of these theories and principles will come from the learnings of Locke, Rousseau, and the American Documents. With this opportunity that I have been given I will greatly capitalize on the aspects that Locke put forth with equality while trying to also abide by the rules of the Social Contract created by Rousseau. Although these rules may help the society get in the ideal situation I will also establish some of the amendments from the Bill of Rights. This is to make sure that the citizens will stay in check to make sure nothing too crazy or overwhelming occurs. These three approaches and ideals are the main tools that will help me run a well-organized government with little trouble and not much controversy. While, Locke was pre-political he had many great principles as to how individuals should treat each other which I think would benefit my society very well. According to Locke “The Law of Nature says we cannot harm other with regards to their life, health, liberty, or possessions” (3). Being able to sustain this will be very hard especially in a society that I believe will definitely need politics to stay in control but by enforcing these habits or in other words something that should be common sense would help us move forward as one. Although this seems like such a simple idea many people have never been able to grasp it. Another topic that…

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