The Gospel Of John By Clement Of Alexandria Essay

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The Gospel of John is one of the important synoptic books that has series of events that later culminate with the Raising of Lazarus. After that, there came the death and resurrection of Jesus. Having a wider description of the working of Jesus, forms the significant part of the Gospel hence, the need to understand more about its contents. There are different dates related to the gospel of John citing various arguments and pieces of evidence that individuals stand for while discussing the time. Before, the gospel of John was dated around A.D 85 or later, being supported by two pieces of evidence. The expelling of synagogues had an excellent relation with the reformulation ca. A.D. 85 of one of the eighteen benedictions that saw their reciting in the synagogues. A curse of the minim formed the greater part of the reformulation of the twelfth benediction that seemingly was made up of Jewish Christians. In his writing, John made use of the statement by Clement of Alexandria, reason enough to place his book later in the first-century. Despite the dates being set, a current group has come with an argument that the writing was dated around either A.D 50 but not later than A.D. 70. Examples of pieces of evidence associated with the forms of argument are that there is no contradiction of the dates with Clément 's statement. Moreover, a more developed theology lacks the implication for a later date. Nevertheless, Johns writing, he makes use of "is" rather than "was" when…

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