The Gospel According To Jesus Christ By Jose Saramago

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The Gospel According to Jesus Christ by José Saramago
Catholicism is one of the most know religions around the world. It is meant to “learn to know, love, and serve God from Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who teaches us through the Catholic Church” (Online, Catholic. "Catholic Facts and General Knowledge”), yet people may have different beliefs and views on certain religions like catholicism. Accordingly, living in a society in which we’re allowed to have different opinions allows us to express ourselves differently than what other religions might do. For instance, this essay will explore the differences and similarities between the fiction book “The Gospel According
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This is portrayed as the author mentions, “...Lord knows our corporal needs, which are not confined to food and drink, there are other forms of abstention just as hard to endure” (Saramago, 227). This phrase is mentioned just right before Jesus has his first encounter with Mary Magdala and with which he will lose his virginity to. After, during the part in which Jesus and Mary Magdala relationship is narrated, the author mentions, “Jesus and Mary Magdala embraced a long time before exchanging a farewell kis, which did not take too long at all, and little wonder, for kissing was not the custom then.” (Saramago,243). We can understand that by the author saying his own commentary on that kissing, he wanted to emphasize the difference between what was actually “permitted” during those times and what he imagined in this story for Jesus. In this version, Jesus also has the chance to introduce Mary Magdala to his mother, brother and …show more content…
It destroys the image of Jesus being celibate and devoted to God. Also, the conception of Jesus is described by Saramago in the most logical and non-miraculous way as opposed to the bible version which is described as immaculate and miraculous.
Saramago, as the a New York Times article mentions, is an “outspoken atheist” and “maintains that religion is to blame for most of the world’s violence” (Eberstadt, "José Saramago, the Unexpected Fantasist."). Nevertheless, this isn’t to say that Saramago is against Catholicism, he simply does not believe in a God or religion and got inspired by the gospels to create his own version.

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