The Good Man By John Deweymy Husband Essay

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The Good Man: A Quote By John DeweyMy husband is the best man I know, hands down. He is the definition of a good man, and he 's the reason I always tell single guys that you can get good women being a good man and single girls that there are good men out there.

I Want YOU To Have A Good Man

There 's a reason this site is called Best Friend Reviews. I want my best friend to have the type of man she deserves (a good man!), so that 's why I want her and you to understand what being with a really good man is all about.

I want to really drive home the point that when you don 't settle for a bad guy, and keep your eyes open for a good guy, and then date him, the rewards are LARGE!

I 've Been With The Bad Men

I dated the jerks and users when I was younger, and when I had enough of them and decided that I was no longer going to date them, I found my husband.

It 's like the blinders were lifted off and I could finally see past the jerks. And let 's face it, jerks are much more in your face than good guys, especially when you are younger, so it 's hard to see past the lies, games, and confusion that comes with bad men.

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What It Feels Like To Be With A Really Good Man

Before I met my husband, I didn 't understand what it would be like to be with a really good man. I was so used to being stressed out and upset in relationships that I didn 't think there was anything other than that. I was wrong! Following is how I would describe what it feels like to be with a…

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