The God's Script Analysis

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“The God’s Script,” by Jorge Luis Borges, is revealing the structure of knowledge through a dream of Tzinacán, the central character, and the narration presence of the jaguar. Borges wrote the short text story to describe Tzinacán’s dream. Tzinacán is a magician of the pyramid of Qaholom. He is strong minded with many hardships. Obstacles come and go, but Tzinacán will never lose hope. Dreams reveal knowledge of things that can come to reality. In the short story, Borges is trying to say the gains of knowledge helps a man learn the destiny of their life and how God created the earth. Tzinacán, the central character, is a magician. A magician has powers and can do many tricks with those powers. The magician of Qaholom currently goes through …show more content…
Tzinacán felt that the reason the jaguar was imprisoned with him was one of the gods reasoning of giving him strength and hope. He knows they are giving him signs to retrieve the gods script, but it is a process to get to the gods script. Tzinacán stated, "Perhaps the magic would be written on my face, perhaps I myself was the end of my search. That anxiety was consuming me when I remembered the jaguar was one of the attributes of the god” (170). The jaguar represents one of the gods of Tzinacán’s description because he senses the jaguar has secrets and he see the glimpse of the jaguar when they are retrieving food. Tzinacán cannot see the jaguar clearly as he wishes, but he knows it is there, just as he feels about the gods script. He imagines that the jaguar is a representation of his gods and is trying to give him signs and hope. Tzinacán said, “Then my soul filled with pity. I imagined the first morning of time; I imagined my god confiding his message to the living skin of the jaguars, who would love and reproduce without end, in caverns, in cane fields, on islands, in order that the last men might receive it” (171). Sensing Tzinacán is being a little sarcastic in this statement, but is serious about it at the same time. Therefore, he brings the tiger to represent the relationship of him and his gods. He stated, “I considered that even in the human languages there is no

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