Essay about The Goal Of Toniic : A Sustainable Global Economy

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The goal of Toniic is to empower individuals that have ideas to create positive social and environmental impact through global impact investing. The company focuses on creating a sustainable global economy through investing in social entrepreneurs, enterprises, and funds seeking to create a better world.

Globally present, they expect to increase the quality and volume of impact investment, inspiring impact investors to broaden their portfolios and inspire individuals to create more compelling ideas. Along with investments, they provide their members with tools to better themselves and they give them access to high quality deals, process support, education and an expert peer group to guide them along the process.

The team at Toniic showcases their belief in their investment portfolio by being part of the impact, investing money from their own pockets to most of the impact investment that they foster. Toniic also gives their member the opportunity to meet the highest level of angel investors to continually help develop their products. Lastly, Toniic provides a coaching and feedback system for their social entrepreneurs through interaction with their network of investors, the majority of which are successful entrepreneurs.

In summation, Toniic is an impact-investing group focused on building and complementing the efforts of various impact investing networks from around the world that are more focused on foundations, endowments, institutional investors and other capital…

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