The Goal Of The Scottish Prison Service Essay

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The goal of the Scottish Prison Service is to realize the significance of rehabilitation where it is committed to “encourage prisoners to take opportunities which will reduce the likelihood they re-offend and help reintegrate them back into their community” (Graham 2). Other key goals for the country of Scotland 's correctional system is to keep those offended in custody, according to the court’s decision and maintain good order in each prison. The goal that stands out most prominently is the final goal listed. It says, “to care for prisoners with humanity” (Graham 2). Within the country of Scotland, there is a total of sixteen custody institutions. They all differ in size capacity. Some of the larger establishments can hold up to one-thousand inmates, while others can only house one-hundred (Graham 2). One of the more prominent differences noticed between the Scottish system and the Unites States’ is that they do not torture their inmates. They do not inflict pain for punishment, much like the United States likes to do. It costs so much money each year to not only house an inmate, but support the prison advancements and improvements needed. Each year it costs Scotland 42,500 euros to house one inmate (“Mental Health and Scotland’s Prison Population” 17). In the 2009 and 2010 year, it cost a total of 857 million euros towards prison spending (“An Overview of Scotland’s Criminal Justice System” 3). Although, it costs more for Scotland to house an inmate than it costs the…

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