The Global Political, Environmental, And Social Issues Essay

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If one starts to observe how the global political, environmental, and social issues have played out, one begins to see a large dominant factor in the wealth and gains of the global north, at the expense of the global south. Historically, food has been a crucial element out of a handful few of which we need to survive. From subsistence, to mass production, to global networking of food chains and distribution, it is clear that a country as resourceful as Brazil has overtime seen many changes in political, environmental, and social standpoints, which have directly affected food production, and will continue to do so as climate changes as production drops. When a nation this important is considered in terms of resource use, it is particularly important to consider also the population that is studied and being affected through the transitions of climate change. This includes the farmers of Brazil, the corporations controlling the large supply chains, and the consumers whose consumptions rates have steadily increased post world war 2. With populations rising to 9 billion, the demand for global food production and consumption has never been higher (Godfray, 2010). What may standout though is the diminishing returns climate has on food production. As populations rise, it is predicted that food availability will decrease year after year, because a nation like Brazil simply does not have adequate additional resources to combat the changing elements in food production, more so as the…

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