The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams Essay

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Many of us now use illusion to escape from reality because it’s either we are having a bad day, problems with our love ones, or we just want to get out of our routine and have our own fantasy, but not only do adults have illusion but also children have illusion. The definition for illusion is something that tricks us into believing a dishonest idea. In the play “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams he used three different characters who live in a life of illusion. Tom, Amanda, and Laura each have different kinds of illusion but use it for the same reason to escape the world they are living. William Tennesse used Amanda to have the most illusion to escape her reality.
Tom plays as a brother, son, and the narrator, he wants to experience an adventure to escape from his everyday life. Tom cannot have his dream to have an adventure and run away because his mom Amanda and sister Laura depend in him which makes him feel disconnected from the world to only be having to go work and put his family first instead of himself. Even though Tom is the man of the house he always had to deal with his mom nagging everyday and tom escapes from it by leaving to the movies. Tom later realized that him going to the movies was his adventure to escape reality but notice that he was just seeing it and not having physical experience, which made him think to follow his dad’s steps to run away. Even though he knew taking an action to run away and leave his family behind will break their…

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