The Giver Theme Essay

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Emotions are what gives your life color. Memories are what give you feelings. Although being able to have feelings might make you enjoy life more, it can also make things really hard on yourself. In The Giver, Jonas doesn’t start to feel anything until he starts to receive memories from the current Receiver. In this essay I get to talk about three themes, which are Individuality, Memories, and Emotions. I think that these are the most important themes of this story and are the main reasons behind why what happens, happens. In the current world, being individual is normal because everyone has their own uniqueness to them. We’re used to individuality, so we don’t recognize it as much as Jonas longs for it. When Jonas received memories from Birthday Parties, he started to understand how different their community is from how it used to be. It said, “ that now he understood the joy of being an individual, special and unique and proud.(p.153)” Jonas saw how fun being individually noticed looked, and how it could make you feel loved. He noticed how …show more content…
Each theme plays their own unique part, but in the end, they all seem to come together and fit like a puzzle. In my life, these also seem to be major themes. Bullying for being different, memories of a bad past could change who I will be years from now, and emotions that I will feel along the way into my future. Everyone needs memories to feel emotions, if we didn’t, our lives would be dull..and colorless.. and all the same. Memories save us from mistakes in the future, and let us remember happy times. Everyone sees the past from a different point of view, which makes us see things differently. If we did not remember, we would be lifeless. Boring. "The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It's the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared,(p.33)” The giver reminded Jonas, “Memories are

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