The Giver And Anthem Analysis

One of the things very much the same in Anthem and The Giver was how there societies limited their knowledge. In Anthem Equality said “We asked so many questions that the Teachers forbade it.” (Pg. 23). Knowledge, to Equality’s society, was good but if you were too smart it was a sin. The people in Anthem were also not allowed to know anything from the past or the “unmentionable times”. They couldn’t know any of the simplest things that we know today like electricity. This supports knowledge was limited in Anthem because it shows how their society took knowledge in even the everyday things, away. In The Giver Jonas said his societys’ knowledge would go on only if they became a scholar or leader so that they may be able to lead and further advance …show more content…
They both have a very different society than are own, but they do both have destructive and disastrous societies. In Anthem they read off a quote every time they might be tempted to do wrong “We are one in all and all in one, There are no men but only the great WE, One, indivisible and forever.’” (Pg. 19). In Anthem their society has to be equal otherwise you have committed a sin. Whether you are taller or smarter, you have committed a sin. This helps to show their destructive and disastrous society because it shows that they are all one and if you are being yourself then you might as, well be shunned. You are not even allowed to talk to anyone outside of your group, your job. In The Giver, society is more of a community. In The Giver, Jonas shows you can not only talk to people outside of your family unit, but also you can build a friendship with them. The Giver’s society is more peaceful in the way everyone, but the giver and Jonas gets injected with a daily dose of medicine to control their feeling, colors, and thoughts. This supports why Anthem’s society and The Giver’s society is different, because one is more free in the way of you can go out of yourself more, but the other you have to isolate yourself since you don’t get a daily injection of mind control. This proves that there is differences in the way societies suppress your individualities, but when it is all said and done there is still part of you they want to take

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